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St. Paul’s Day School is proud to be an NAEYC accredited school. We offer a loving and creative program full of individual attention and group dynamics. St. Paul’s teachers are dedicated to developing your child's learning potential, are passionate about your child's happiness, and provide a safe, nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem.



We are a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools and welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds.  St. Paul's Day School fosters the growth and development of each child academically, socially and spiritually.  By encouraging children's natural curiosity and sense of wonder, we provide a foundation for a lifelong joy of learning.  Through a rich interdisciplinary approach, our program prepares students to confidently and successfully enter the next stage of learning.




We believe developing a child’s independence and self-confidence is essential for him or her to grow academically and socially. At St. Paul’s Day School Children, are taught to respect one another and the staff, and grow emotionally through friendship. We encourage the student’s entire family to be involved in the social life of the school through a variety of events and special activities. St. Paul’s Day School is committed to being a school that welcomes students of all backgrounds and faiths. We celebrate our diversity. We believe happy and involved students, and their families, enrich both the school and the greater community

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St. Paul's Day School is a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools and welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds...


Our preschooler's world opens up in new ways as children improve coordination, learn complex games, and begin to interact with others...


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